Leagues are on hold due to COVID

Individual Leagues on Wednesday

Two Person Team Leagues on Thursday. 

Cost: $80 for individual/$160 for teams for the 4-week league. 50% of the league feel will be returned to the players in prizes at the end of the league. 

League rules:

Each participant receives 3 practice throws prior to the beginning of the league session. One practice throw is allowed between games. 

4 participants will be assigned to each lane and will play four matches consisting of 10 throws using rotating targets. The highest cumulative score of the 10 throws wins the match. In the event of a tie, a sudden-death playoff will occur immediately to determine the winner before the next match starts. 

In team leagues, the combined score for each team will be used to determine the winner for each match. If a tiebreaker is needed both throwers on each team will get once chance to throw until there is a winner. 

The target software will keep track of scoring for the match. Each target lane will be responsible for filling out a scorecard each night consisting of the total number of wins for each player/team and their total score for each match. 

The axe must stick in the target to be scored. The highest circle that the blade is touching is counted. If there are any disagreements an axepert will make a final determination. Any disagreement with the ruling will result in the offending player's disqualification of the match. 

All throwers must stay in the throwing box. Starting from behind the yellow line or crossing the orange line will result in the throw being counted as a miss. 

Payout at the end of the league will consist of a Boat House gift card of 75% of the prize pool for the player/team with the most wins and 25% to the player with the highest point total.

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