What is the minimum or maximum group size?

We accept bookings of 2-4 people for each axe lane. 

Do you offer walk-ins?

Yes, we do offer walk-ins for those who just get the itch to play or don't have a large enough group for a booking. 

What should I wear?

The only clothing requirement, other than you be wearing some, is closed-toed shoes. We may have an extra pair of boots in size 13 from Boston Shoes but I wouldn't count on it. 

Where do I get an Axe?

We went to Ace Hardware and bought all the axes they had so we have you covered. Our insurance prohibits customers from bringing their own axes. 

Is axe throwing dangerous?

Axe throwing is just as safe as any other activity and like any other activity, you must follow the rules designed to make it safe. 

We also have the safest axes lanes in the world including full dividers between targets and free hanging rubber matting around the entire target to avoid the dreaded bounce back. 


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